CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd launches bespoke Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal service

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Ctrl Marine Solutions Ltd (wholly owned by Shipowners’ Mutual Protection) is now fully operational. CTRL provides bespoke solutions for Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal (CTRL) issues on flexible payment terms.

In response to over stretched in-house legal and technical departments, as well as the rising cost and frequency of claims, CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd is a service which manages these matters for their Clients on a cost effective basis. Services are accessible and available on an ad-hoc basis with no ongoing subscription or commitment. For Members of the Shipowners P&I Club these services are available at a further discounted rate in line with the Club’s mutual ethos.

Technical and risk services are provided by Emma Crompton, who spent over eight years as a High speed Master and Company Auditor. Emma went on to become Fleet Training Coordinator and then Fleet Training Manager before joining CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd in October 2016.

CTRL technical and risk services include:

  • Practical technical advice including technical advice line
  • Impact assessments for regulatory and legislative change including trading area research
  • Extended risk management services including:
    • Formation of safety management systems;
    • Secret shopper assessments;
    • Claims risk investigations;
    • Training and technical advice;
    • Access to an extensive database of industry experts at pre-negotiated favourable rates.

Claims and legal services are provided by Helen McCormick, who has joined CTRL from Holman Fenwick Willan LLP. Helen is a solicitor with over seven years post qualification experience of a wide variety of shipping disputes particularly disputes involving charterparties, cargo and bills of lading, ship management contracts, shipbuilding contracts and ship sale and purchase disputes. Helen is an experienced handler of London arbitrations, mediations and High Court litigation.

CTRL claims and legal services include:

  • For Clients who are not Members of the Shipowners’ Club: a full claims handling service including contract reviews and legal advice as a cost-effective alternative to other lawyers.
  • For Clients who are Members of Shipowners’ Club: CTRL can advise and represent Members on covered and non covered claims which are subject to English law at further discounted rates.

CTRL Contacts

Helen McCormick – Associate Director

T +44 207 423 3424

E helen.mccormick@ctrlmarinesolutions.com


Emma Crompton – Associate Director

T +44 207 423 3423

E emma.crompton@ctrlmarinesolutions.com


Britt Pickering – Director

T +44 207 423 7118

E britt.pickering@ctrlmarinesolutions.com

W www.shipownersclub.com/ctrl/

Louise Hall – Director

T +44 207 423 7123

E louise.hall@ctrlmarinesolutions.com


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